Welcome to ArtKapsule

Elaine Ronson UPW NYCDear visitor,
ArtKapsule launched in London in 2012 to help new and experienced collectors negotiate the contemporary art market. From July 2014 we have continued this mission in New York, where we specialize in helping our clients find the artworks that will truly enhance their homes and their lives.

ArtKapsule’s consultancy service is transparently priced and offers clients the opportunity to access a range of unbundled services. Our priority is to create an exciting art-buying experience for our busy NY clients, fulfilling our clients’ needs at every stage of the acquisition process while also offering opportunities to learn more and meet other collectors and artists through a range of curated events.

We hope you will visit our website often, and sign up on our Contact page to receive our newsletter containing feature stories on art matters, news about the artists we work with, and details of ArtKapsule events in and around New York and London.

The team at ArtKapsule is dedicated to helping art lovers get the most out of their engagement with contemporary art.
Elaine Ronson, Founder and Director.