Frieze NY 2017 Preview

What to look for at Frieze New York? On this regularly updated blog we offer a sneak preview of what our favorite galleries are bringing to the big white tent this year.


Hugo McCloud at Sean Kelly

McCloud further develops the aluminum foil paintings seen in his recent solo exhibition at Sean Kelly Gallery with a series that introduces a playful abstraction to these contemplative works. The opaque, mirror-like quality that dominates the composition provokes an instinctive search for self-reflection, yet prohibits a true impression of the viewer. The work begs one to consider what is hidden and what is revealed, both within the work and within ourselves. Watch out also for works by Sam Moyer, Los Carpinteros, Antony Gormley, Callum Innes, Jose Davila and James Casebere. Booth B63.



Enoc Perez at Peter Blum Gallery

Perez mines a fascination with architectural icons for political symbolism – and nowhere more so than his series of paintings of US embassies around the world. Employing his signature approach to mark-making as a kind of alternative printing process, Perez places these buildings within a color-drenched pop-inflected landscape redolent of the mid-century optimism that inspired their construction. Booth C25.


Jean-Luc Moulène at Galerie Chantal Crousel

Jean-Luc Moulène’s multi-disciplinary practice brings together art and science; the organic and the man-made, in hybrid objects (as left) that are sometimes beautiful, often alarming.  A tension pervades the work: is it art, object, product or specimen? Questions abound, as you would expect from an artist who describes himself as a ‘poet’ with a passion for mathematics. Also at Chantal Crousel: Abraham Cruzvillegas; Roberto Cuoghi; David Douard; Wade Guyton; Fabrice Gygi; Thomas Hirschhorn; Michael Krebber; Melik Ohanian; Gabriel Orozco; Reena Spaulings; Clément Rodzielski; Danh Võ; Heimo Zobernig. Booth B18.


Scott Olson at James Cohan

Scott Olson’s painting practice is rooted in a deep fascination with painting’s materials, tools, and history, but also in performance, music, and improvisation. Through a process involving layering and removing through the use of glazes, masking, and scraping, the composition becomes an index of his maneuvers; a deliberate record of his process to which the viewer becomes witness. Also at James Cohan: Elias Sime; Yinka Shonibare MBE; Lee Mullican; Simon Evans; Amy Feldman, Richard Long and Bill Viola. Booth B38.




James Nares at Paul Kasmin Gallery

Best known for his single-brushstroke wave paintings, Paul Kasmin Gallery will devote their entire Frieze booth to a new body of work by Nares titled Runway Paintings. The new paintings are made from aircraft aluminum and thermoplastic paint – the same industrial grade materials and machinery used in aviation to guide flight paths during takeoff and landing. The series continues Nares’ fascination with movement, gesture and surface. Booth C17.



John Wesley at Fredericks & Freiser

Contemporary pop is the theme here with the perennially bright and breezy (and sometimes disarmingly erotic) paintings of John Wesley showing alongside works by Jocelyn Hobbie, Robert Overby and Mary Reid Kelley. Booth B5.



Liza Lou at Lehmann Maupin

Lehmann Maupin’s booth will feature 3 female Californian artists – Mary Corse, Catherine Opie and Liza Lou. Spanning 2 generations, these artists use different mediums to engage with the language of minimalism to explore color and form; landscape and identity. Liza Lou’s work (left) is a meditation on labor and process. Comprised entirely of woven beads, they exemplify Liza’s sustained interest in pushing the structural and aesthetic possibilities of her material. Booth C12.



Joanne Greenbaum at Rachel Uffner

Rachel Uffner Gallery’s entire booth will be devoted to the paintings, drawings and ceramics of abstractionist Joanne Greenbaum. Greenbaum’s vivacious paintings evince a freedom of style and medium with ink, flashe, acrylic, oil and magic marker all jostling for place among her mark-making choices. A display of ceramics will allow an opportunity to view the internal logic of the paintings in 3-D. Booth A20.




Lonnie Holley at James Fuentes

A mixed booth at James Fuentes will include paintings by Jessica Dickinson, Joshua Abelow, Jake Cruzen, Marcel Eichner and Noam Rappaport.

Look out for sculptures (left) by Lonnie Holley, a self-taught painter, sculptor and musician from Alabama whose extraordinary life story includes a tale of  being sold at the age of 4 to the owners of a ‘whiskey house’. The seventh of 27 children, Holley has 15 children of his own and a natural talent for converting the ‘rocks and so many broken stones and so many nails and sticks and weeds and debris and garbage and trash’ into elegant sculptural assemblages. Booth A4.