Desktop: an AK-UK Exhibition


25 -26 January 2017

An assemblage of computer, pens, books, paper weights, elastic bands and blu tac, visible on a desk, establish the possibility of office-based work. Yet these same mini-exhibitions of material objects appear oddly domestic, or personal when clustered on the desks of office spaces, providing an echo of the mundanity of everyday life within the increasingly corporatized spaces of work.
Indeed, the word desktop, used to describe the computer interface, often uses icons that are visual representations of these material objects, cut free from their situation in either home or work. The artists in this exhibition use the desktop as a starting point for explorations of the transitions between work and everyday spaces, and between virtual and imaginary spaces. The desktop has the ability to transport us from the domestic to the public, from the actual physical world, to worlds of pure imagination, such as the augmented reality of cyberspace. The exhibition is a study of these complex processes of migration and reality.


Exhibiting artists:

Alexandra Baraitser, Roland Hicks, Kasper Pincis,
Sirpa Pajunen-Moghissi, Ekkehard Altenburger

Curated by Alexandra Baraitser
in association with ArtKapsule


The Office Group
91 Wimpole St, London W1G OEF























Chelsea’s Petzel Gallery has assembled an impressive roster of artists for an impromptu exhibition responding to the imminent Trump presidency. Among the artists contributing work for the show which will be on display until Feb 11 are  Yael Bartana, Judith Bernstein, Andrea Bowers, Troy Brauntuch, AA Bronson, Cecily Brown, Paul Chan, Mark Dion, Sam Durant, Charles Gaines, Rainer Ganahl, Hans Haacke, Rachel Harrison, Dana Hoey, Jenny Holzer, Jonathan Horowitz, Josh Kline, Barbara Kruger, Sean Landers, Louise Lawler, Glenn Ligon, Robert Longo, Allan McCollum, Adam McEwen, Sarah Morris, Joyce Pensato, Stephen Prina, Raha Raissnia, Peter Saul, Dana Schutz, Amy Sillman, Gary Simmons, Dirk Skreber, Slavs and Tatars, Henry Taylor, Andrew Tider/Jeff Greenspan, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Meg Webster.


In addition, each Saturday the gallery will host Symposiums in which key concerns raised by the incoming administration will be discussed. Subjects include Civil Liberties (Jan 21), Immigration (Jan 28) and the Environment (Feb 4).


The public is invited to get involved by writing down their reactions, thoughts, anxieties, hopes for the future as they enter the gallery.

The gallery will devote one room to screening film clippings, shorts, vignettes that in some way tackle today’s issues. This part of the program is open to anyone who wants his or her concerns brought before an audience. Submissions will be added to a loop and screened in the gallery as well as on the website. Visit the gallery’s website for details on submitting work: